Breakfast Cereal Ideas

Just received this email from a reader looking for breakfast cereal ideas:

I have a daughter who is allergic to oats and a son who has a food intolerance to oats.  We are currently running out of breakfast ideas for our family and in particular are looking for a hot ceral for the morning that does not include any of my daughters other multiple life threating food allergies.  We are looking for a ceral or hot breakfast idea that does not include the following eggs,oats,peanuts,treenuts,shrimp,fish,kiwi,banana,red dye or avacodo.  We are lucky we do not have a diary allergy so it can contain milk.

Any help would be great.

Anybody have any ideas? It seems to me that most rice and wheat-based cereals would be okay. I really wish there was a searchable database of food ingredients out there. The information is public. We just need somebody to put it all together!


Substitute for Quick-Cooking Oats?

Hi, all. A reader wrote in with this question:

I ran across your site when googling for a substitute for oats in baking. If you have a moment, could you help me plan for an oat-allergic guest?

Do you know what I might use as a substitute for quick-cooking oats in a scone recipe? I suspect that the oats are there partly to absorb liquid and to provide texture, but I’m no Einstein when it comes to baking.

Any suggestions?

Our daughter outgrew her oat allergy before we had to worry about baking alternatives, so I don’t have an answer. Does anyone else?

Oats in Frozen Whitecastle Burgers—Any Other Odd Places You Know Of?

I’ve resorted to really only posting to this blog when content comes in from readers, and today is a good example. Reader Shauna wanted to share one of many foods that contains oats that you really wouldn’t expect to:

Sometimes there are oats found in foods you’d never expect. Frozen Whitecastle burgers contain oat fiber. Thankfully I never eat them because of the fat content, so no near fatal reactions, but I thought I would let your readers know. 🙂

Do you have any other foods that contain oats that you wouldn’t expect to?

Barenaked Ladies: Allergies

Snacktime Album Cover

Having little ones, I’m often on the lookout for some kid-friendly music that isn’t… horrible. So, while I’m not a huge Barenaked Ladies fan, I was interested to see they recently released Snacktime, an album chock full of kid-friendly tunes.

I was very interested to see there was a track called “Allergies” (listen to a clip on Amazon). It is wonderful. It might be a bit rockin’ for some kids’ tastes, but I’m raising mine on the crazy rock music, so they love it.

Of course, however, no references to oat allergies in this one…

Anyone with a Malt Allergy, Too?

Since I know nothing about a malt allergy, I wanted to toss this question out to the readers:

I just recently was diagnosed by a food allergist with allergies to Oat and Malt.
I was not allergic to Wheat- and was also tested for gluten sensitive and celiac- all came back clear.

So my question is: Is there anyone oat the allergic to Malt? Was does that mean? I know you are a website for Oat and that is easy to see in ingredients and plenty of things I can find to eat without Oats, but not Malt. I am new to this whole food allergy thing and can find nothing on Malt allergy. Please help my stomach is ugh! and I am hungry for something other then just fruit, veggies and meat:)


Can anyone help?

Seeking Pointers for Someone Just Diagnosed

I received this email from Jennifer a little while ago. Her daughter was recently diagnosed with an oat allergy. Here’s what she’s asking:

My name is Jennifer. I have a 2 1/2yr old daughter, who has been diagnosed with an allergy to Oat.  I don’t know where to begin, or what to do, when it comes to feeding her. She loves helthy foods, but I’ve realized, a large portion of food…contains Oat…also, she has an allergy to Mold….and there are also many foods that contain “mold” something or others….yeast, vinegar, and a whole list of other things…I don’t know what to do, and I would like to have some questions to ask her allergy doctor. If anyone cold help, I would appreciate it.

Thank you again
Jennifer and Kyra-Mae

Last year (when she was around 2 1/2), we found out that our daughter had outgrown her oat allergy. So, the first thing I’ll offer is that there is hope she’ll grow out of it. I’d say the two toughest products to buy when there’s an oat allergy involved are breads (so many have oats) and bath products (again, it’s in a LOT of them). Cereals, of course, have a lot of oats but there are many corn or rice cereals out there, too.

I’m curious if your daughter was just diagnosed because she only recently started showing symptoms or if this is finally an answer you got to something that has been bothering her a long time.

Anyone else have any input?

An Oat-Free Alternative to Granola

Sahale Snacks, Sing Buri Blend, 2-Ounce Pouches

Reader Shauna writes in:

As a person who cannot tolerate the standard granola, gorp or most trail mixes; I have found that Sahale brand snacks are a great alternative and can be found easily at and in many grocery stores.

I had never heard of Sahale Snacks, so I took a look. Amazon provides information about the brand:

Josh Schroeter and Edmond Sanctis, co-founders of Seattle-based Sahale Snacks, developed their initial product line of premium nut blends beginning in the summer of 2003, after they returned from climbing Mt. Rainier in Washington State. “Overloaded on uninspired trail mix and stale bin nuts, we were motivated to create a natural and healthy snack that tasted like great food,” they said. “We used tree nuts as the basis of the blends and tested hundreds of recipes, combining natural and organic ingredients. In January 2004, we hit the market with four all-natural snacks with unique regional ingredients and spices, including Moroccan harissa, naturally dried papaya, and organic balsamic vinegar.””We stick to a simple idea: use only whole foods in their natural form, avoid processed and artificial ingredients, add ‘culinary magic,’ and produce great-tasting, nutritious snacks.”

Check out all the options on Amazon or check out their web site. And thanks for writing in, Shauna!