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Anyone with a Malt Allergy, Too?

Since I know nothing about a malt allergy, I wanted to toss this question out to the readers:

I just recently was diagnosed by a food allergist with allergies to Oat and Malt.
I was not allergic to Wheat- and was also tested for gluten sensitive and celiac- all came back clear.

So my question is: Is there anyone oat the allergic to Malt? Was does that mean? I know you are a website for Oat and that is easy to see in ingredients and plenty of things I can find to eat without Oats, but not Malt. I am new to this whole food allergy thing and can find nothing on Malt allergy. Please help my stomach is ugh! and I am hungry for something other then just fruit, veggies and meat:)


Can anyone help?