Breakfast Cereal Ideas

Just received this email from a reader looking for breakfast cereal ideas:

I have a daughter who is allergic to oats and a son who has a food intolerance to oats.  We are currently running out of breakfast ideas for our family and in particular are looking for a hot ceral for the morning that does not include any of my daughters other multiple life threating food allergies.  We are looking for a ceral or hot breakfast idea that does not include the following eggs,oats,peanuts,treenuts,shrimp,fish,kiwi,banana,red dye or avacodo.  We are lucky we do not have a diary allergy so it can contain milk.

Any help would be great.

Anybody have any ideas? It seems to me that most rice and wheat-based cereals would be okay. I really wish there was a searchable database of food ingredients out there. The information is public. We just need somebody to put it all together!


10 responses to “Breakfast Cereal Ideas

  1. Grits are made of hominy ( a corn like grain but bigger) and they taste great.

  2. Malt-o-Meal and Coco Wheats were always my favorites (usually mixed together).

  3. Bob’s Red Mill: Mighty Tasty GF (gluten free) Hot Cereal. I added brown sugar, raisins, cinnamon, and sometimes honey to it..variety is always a nice thing.

  4. I don’t see corn, potatoes, quinoa, millet, amarenth, or lentils on her list of allergens. If gluten is okay, there is wheat, spelt, kamut, barley and rye. Sweet potatoes with orange lentil porridge is my kids fav breakfast. Savory, not sweet. Leftovers are always a hit. Apples with seed butter. Cheese if we’re in a rush. Yogurt.

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  6. Wow… really great topic. I will write about it also!!

  7. I cook equal parts white and brown rice then add more water, brown sugar and spices ( cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice…yum!) and blend it all together. The brown rice adds a nice chewy texture. This freezes well so I make a big pot and freeze it in smaller containers that only take a few minutes to thaw in the microwave. My 3 yr old son, who has eczema and reacts to oats, and my two older boys love this cereal. They can make it their own by adding soy or cows milk and dried or fresh fruit. One dish that all three will eat ! Does it get any better than that?

  8. americans are allergic to everything try semen it has protein they say

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  10. I am allergic to oats, can I eat Farina?

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