Substitute for Quick-Cooking Oats?

Hi, all. A reader wrote in with this question:

I ran across your site when googling for a substitute for oats in baking. If you have a moment, could you help me plan for an oat-allergic guest?

Do you know what I might use as a substitute for quick-cooking oats in a scone recipe? I suspect that the oats are there partly to absorb liquid and to provide texture, but I’m no Einstein when it comes to baking.

Any suggestions?

Our daughter outgrew her oat allergy before we had to worry about baking alternatives, so I don’t have an answer. Does anyone else?


7 responses to “Substitute for Quick-Cooking Oats?

  1. Go to the following website, there are a few good ideas.

  2. Thanks Shaunna! I’m going to pass it along!

  3. I frequently use Zoom rolled wheat as a substitute for oats.

  4. How about quinoa flakes?

  5. Buckwheat and cream of buckwheat…

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  7. Rice and Shine is a hot cereal or I’ve seen a quinoa hot cereal

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