About OatAllergy.com

OatAllergy.com was started in October 2007, as our daughter (who has milk and peanut allergies but recently “grew out of” her oat allergy) turns three years old. The reason we created this site is because there are simply no resources on the web for oat allergies—and very few helpful ones for allergies in general.

Please share your experiences, research, recipes, problems, and solutions. If you have ideas for blog posts of your own, please feel free to contact us at oatallergy@gmail.com.


8 responses to “About OatAllergy.com

  1. Hello –
    I came across this site because I suspect my 3 y.o. son is allergic to oats and lactose. I have always thought milk was an issue, so we have been doing lactose free – this has helped tremendously. But it seems every time I feed him oatmeal he has diarrhea the rest of the day. He has no other symptoms. I suppose I need to get him tested. For the longest time I thought it was celiacs (my grandmother is), but he eats breads and crackers (he LOVES crackers) with no issue. It is mainly quaker instant oats that seem to affect him. I am afraid it is affecting his growth. He was a premmie, if that has anything to do with it…

    (as others have said – there is NO info about this, only about celiacs and oat contamination, but I am sure it is not celiacs)

  2. I ran across this site when searching for information on food allergies/intolerance. Do you have any information about the likelihood that eating oatmeal while breastfeeding could affect an infant that is sensitive to oats? I am suspicious that my 3 month old is affected by my consumption of oatmeal. I have already eliminated dairy and soy (and some others as part of an elimination diet) since these cause him discomfort.

  3. Sabrina Rupp

    I have problems with irritable bowel syndrome. I used to eat oatmeal in the morning for breakfast, but I found a couple of hours later I was having IBS symptoms (spasms) and needed to take my medication. I haven’t eaten oatmeal for over a week and though I am still having IBS symptoms from time to time, they aren’t as severe and also the daily occurence seems to have stopped. Does anyone else with IBS have this problem? Could it be an oat sensitivity or allergy?

  4. sarah aukett

    Hi – can someone help me out please. My husband is 46 and type 2 diabetic. Recently he has become allergic to Wheat chex breakfast cereal – he has facial redness and redness on the chest,legs and arms and itching. He also said his face felt very tight. We narrowed it down to Mollasses in the cereal. A few weeks later he ate some christmas pudding – same reaction, red face,itching etc – sure enough the pudding contained mollasses. Now he cant eat frosties or Special K cereal bars – they both have no mollasses but malt flavoring. Now I am perplexed – where do i go from here?

  5. Hi!
    I recently discovered I have an allergy to oats and found so little info about it that I thought I would share my experience in case it helps anyone else. I am 34 and have often used oat based moisturisers like Aveeno to treat small patchs of eczema. The creams always seemed to help and eating oats never have me an issue.
    Last year I was on maternity leave and started having porridge every morning. After a few months my skin went nuts! Horrible red rash all round my jaw and neck. Really sore, unsightly and itchy like hell! Given I had never reacted to oats before I figured maybe the cow’s milk was irritating me. Various different types of milk later and still red and sore. I finally stopped the oats (after finding v little info about oat allergies online) and the rash disappeared.
    I was never sure if it was coincidence or the oats but avoided eating oats afterwards. Over time i started to sometimes use aveeno cream again without any obvious negative effect.
    Recently I have had a break out of eczema and used aveeno on the sore skin. It sent my skin into overdrive!!! The day I used it I had to leave my desk at work and shower in the gym the itching was so bad!!! I have since had a proper test and I am definitely allergic to oats.
    If anyone has weird rashes like mine I would certainly suggest getting tested ASAP. It saves a lot of discomfort!! Annoyingly doctors are really reluctant to test you, even on private health I had to bully the dermatologist to get me tested ( his advice was ‘maybe it is just you’ (!!!) – helpful thanks). Anyhow it isn’t me – it is the oats!!
    Good look to anyone else suffering, I hope you get to the bottom of it – go get tested!!!!

  6. Anyone else seem to be OK with oats, but have a lot of pain & diarrhea with oat flour? I can’t seem to figure out why one seems to be OK but not the other??

  7. Cyndy Ranzolin

    I am 51 years old and have had no problems eating pretty much anything my entire life. Over the last 10 years or so, I noticed problems eating multigrain Cheerios….just that one. I would have horrible gas and diarrhea about 5 to 6 hours later. Plain Cheerios and honey nut were fine. After a few years went by, I now can no longer eat plain or honey but. Now I can’t eat instant Quaker oatmeal. Yesterday I had the same reaction to Life cereal. This is SO frustrating because I can’t find any information on oat specific allergies or sensitivity that isn’t also associated with gluten allergies. I have no problem at all with gluten. I also have no problems with dairy. Seems to only be oats.

    Any insight or resource would be appreciated

    Elkridge, MD

  8. We are the same age & what you wrote I could’ve also written. I wish I could offer some helpful advice but I am still seeking. Eggs can definitely be hit or miss for me also & I’m guessing it’s because chickens can be fed oats?? Avoiding oats has helped a lot but still have some issues occasionally, I think mainly from eggs or too much grease. Sure hope they come up with a solution so I can eat Life cereal again, man I miss that stuff!!

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